The AWCC board have created a list of “Key Drivers” for our chamber that all of our decisions regarding events, sponsorship, finances etc will be held accountable to. These “Key Drivers” along with the chamber motto “Connecting the business community on the plateau” detail what the AWCC stands for and what we are trying to achieve :

  • A collective voice and open platform for local business owners issues to be raised and heard.
  • Provide support for all businesses in all areas of the Plateau.
  • Connecting and networking amongst businesses on the Plateau.
  • Promoting and advertising positive awareness of businesses on the Plateau to the local community and visitors.
  • Championing the benefits of the AWCC, and the NSW Business Chamber.
  • Growing the AWCC membership.

Click to download these publications:

Welcome to the Plateau- Your Free Tourist and Industry Book

Russelton Industrial Estate on the Plateau

AWCC Map of Alstonville Wollongbar